VRA Letter: The Incredible Rolling Bull Market. Watch Tyler and I on TV Today. No, This is NOT like 2008. Gold Tops $2300. Latest From Rich Ross.

Good Wednesday morning. Heads up; Tyler and I are scheduled to be on air today. Tyler will be on radio/tv with Wayne Allyn Root at 7:30 EST (watch/listen via multiple options at or ...

Posted On April 03, 20246 MIN Read

Good Wednesday morning. Heads up; Tyler and I are scheduled to be on air today. Tyler will be on radio/tv with Wayne Allyn Root at 7:30 EST (watch/listen via multiple options at or and I’ll be on Charles Paynes show in the 2PM EST hour (Fox Business). Hope you can join us!

VRA Market Update

We’ve barely had a day of (some) selling pressure in US equities and the same people that rarely (if ever) beat the markets are already warning of a severe market correction.

Absolutely textbook early bull market action. Exactly the sentiment you want to see, if you’re bullish (we are).

Pauses and shakeouts happen all the time. They are normal and part of a healthy bull market. However, from the birth of this generational bull market there’s been one theme that’s worked better than all others; “buy the dip” has continued to be the smartest of smart money strategies. 

Someone tweeted this to me this AM. I think...

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