About Us

Crushing Wall Street since 2003.

Delivered to your inbox each morning, the Vertical Research Advisory gives you the cheat sheet for demolishing the stock market.

Our Mission

Helping our clients outperform the stock market.

Everything we do is driven by one goal: Helping our members fully fund their retirement accounts. Whether your motivation is retiring early, giving back to your family, or something completely different, our mission is helping you rise above the average rate of returns.

We are not day traders. We are opportunity investors. And we help anyone – anywhere – take advantage of the opportunities we find.

Our History

A lot has changed in 30+ years.

When Kip Herriage realized he was living through one of the greatest investing delusions of all time – the Internet Dot-Com Bubble – he made one of the biggest and most important decisions of his life. He left a successful career in Wall Street and retired at the ripe old age of 38, but not before he advised his clients to get out of anything tied to the Dot-Coms—a move that saved them tens of millions in losses.

Then in 2003, Kip officially launched the Vertical Research Advisory (VRA). Now, decades later, he’s still as determined to help people avoid becoming a victim of the stock market—and outperform at every turn.


Past Predictions & Investment Opportunities

Review our timely recommendations from over the years.


Recommended that VRA Subscribers buy gold at $375/oz and silver at $4.75/ oz...massive bull market began with gains of 500% +


Recommended "Chinese Miracle" equities...gains of more than 350% followed.


Began aggressively warning investors about the coming collapse in real estate and the stock market, along with the exact steps to take.


VRA Subscribers made more than 500% in less than 6 months as we made insane profits from the wild swings in the market.


VRA Subscribers made more than 1300% on my Buy Recommendation of Ivanhoe Mines in less than 10 months!

The VRA Team

Kip HerriageManaging Partner/ Founder
Tyler HerriagePartner
Josh FoleyResearch & Marketing