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May 28, 2024
VRA Letter: Bullish Set-up Remains in Place. Semis Are “Still” On Fire. Buy Miners on Weakness.

Good Tuesday morning. Hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good one, as we honored our heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Equity futures are slightly higher this AM as we kick off a 4-day trading week. It’s been a solid month, with the S&P 500 up 5% and Nasdaq up more than […]

May 24, 2024
VRA Letter: VRA Members Only Podcast

Good Friday morning. It’s a good time for a VRA Members Podcast. Lots to cover, from our overbought markets (past tense) to our VRA 10-baggers. Vertical Research Advisory · VRA Members Only Podcast 5.24.24 Topics: 1) Thanks again to Wayne for having me on his new hit show last night, “The Root Reaction”. I think […]

May 23, 2024
VRA Letter: It’s All About Nvidia…and a Second Dot-com Bull Market. NVDA +837%. SOXL +753%. Quick Hitters; PM’s/Miners. Tesla. Lost Soldier Oil & Gas.

Good Thursday morning. Heads up; I'll be on Wayne Allyn Roots new hit show on Real Americas Voice tonight at 10 PM EST. Hope you can join us! It’s All About Nvidia…and Another Dot-com-like Bull Market The investing world expected Nvidia to beat on Q1 earnings…they did not disappoint. Check out these mind-blowing statistics: - $26 billion in revenue […]

May 22, 2024
VRA Letter: Join Lost Soldier Oil & Gas for Tonight’s Zoom at 8PM EST

Good Wednesday morning. Tonight at 8PM EST, Lost Soldier Oil & Gas will host their next Zoom meeting. It’s a remarkable story. Over a 40 year period, principals and major investors with Lost Soldier began putting together what is now a 40,000 + acre play in Wyoming (2 hours from Casper). Because the property contained a […]

May 22, 2024
VRA Letter: Nvidia Day Is Here! VRA Portfolio Decision; We’re Not Taking Profits. Semis Will Continue to Lead Higher. Must Read From Rich Ross. X1 Update.

Good Wednesday morning. Nvidia day has arrived. After the close, NVDA announces Q1 earnings with estimates of $5.63/share (EPS) and $24.6 billion (revenue). The only question here is “by how much will they beat these numbers?”  Remember, it was NVDA that kicked off the AI craze with their Q1 earnings report in May 2023…just as the […]

May 21, 2024
VRA Letter: VRA System; Tracking Fund Flows and Beating Mr Market. All Eyes on NVDA. Relative Strength Buy Signals; Semis and Miners. Bitcoin, URA,

Good Tuesday morning. Precious metals, miners, bitcoin, semis/tech, energy and small caps…the primary focus of the VRA Portfolio today. This might seem like an odd pairing of investments but when it comes to investing, we’re agnostic. If an industry/sector is flashing buy signals on our VRA screens, we want to own it. Bank robber/gangster Willie […]

May 20, 2024
verage Gain of 97.49% From Bear Market Lows. VRA Investing System; Strategy Update. Breaking Out; Miners, Energy, China Tech. Tesla.

Good Monday morning. From the end of the bear market on 10/13/22, capitulation lows that we called on the day... VRA Portfolio gains from the 10/13/22 lows: - Total portfolio gain: 2144.75% - Average Gain Per Position 97.49% Complacency is the enemy of winning…we’re staying locked in.  This continues to be the best investing/trading market […]

May 17, 2024
VRA Letter: Dow Jones Hits 40K. VRA Investing System Analysis. Here Comes NVDA. Latest From Bryan Rich. VRA Quick Hitters; Trump, Miners, BTC.

Good Friday morning. Outside of the Dow Jones hitting 40K for the first time, yesterday was a quiet day, coming off of Wednesdays ATH’s in each major index. Only the Russell 2000…not considered to be a major index by most…still sits 14% below its ATH from November 2021. And yes, we’re hitting extreme overbought levels […]

May 16, 2024
VRA Letter: Fox Biz. VRA Quick Hitters; Don’t Fight the Tape/Fed. Set-up into NVDA Earnings Next Week. Our Proactive Approach. Miners Breaking Out. Bitcoin and Vanguard.

Good Thursday morning. It’s always great being on with Charles Payne. There aren’t many smart-money “talking heads”, but Charles is one of them. The reality is that the vast majority of media personalities know that “fear sells” so they pander to worst-case scenarios, regardless of what the data and markets are telling us. This is […]

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