The real story about how we got in this mess…

Enghadl is one of the best investigative financial journalists out there....You will probably never hear this story elsewhere. ...and I just learned that the next shoe t ...

Posted On October 10, 20081 MIN Read

Enghadl is one of the best investigative financial journalists out there....You will probably never hear this story elsewhere.

...and I just learned that the next shoe to drop is commercial property. No huge surprise of course, but its been the only thing holding up the remaining banks. There's over $5 trillion in derivatives in commercial property.all sold with collateralized debt swaps as well. In addition, there are over 100 large hedge funds that invest in comm property, and their liquidations will start next week.adding huge selling pressure to the market.

The founder of Chesapeake Energy, Aubrey McLendon, was today forced to sell all of his shares today..margin calls..he had bought stock all the way up to $90.on margin.and now he's wiped out in less than a week. The stock closed at $16 today.

The lesson from all of this will be that "30 to 1 leverage, for lack of a better word, is never a good thing"....

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