Posted On June 14, 20240 MIN Read

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July 11, 2024
VRA Letter: VRA 8PM EST Zoom With X1. 10 PM EST Interview with WAR. June CPI; Disinflation Continues to Build. The Roaring 2020’s & Innovation

Good Thursday morning. Heads up:  1) Tonight we have a VRA Members Only Zoom with Xtract One Tech (XTRAF) CEO Peter Evans at 8PM EST. Please send your questions for Peter asap. You’ll want to be on this Zoom. X1 is a VRA 10-bagger nearing a hyper-growth phase. Here’s your Zoom link: 2) Tonight at 10 […]

July 10, 2024
VRA Letter: Long and Strong; Generals Leading. Restrictive Fed, Rate Cuts Nearing. Miners Flashing Buy Signals. X1 Zoom. Tesla Goes Parabolic.

Good Wednesday morning. Our power and cell service were restored last night, but 1.5 million remain without power in the Houston area. Thanks very much to everyone that reached out with your concerns. Houston, a once long-term conservative city, has been run by Dems for more than a decade. Same with Centerpoint Energy, whose top […]

July 09, 2024
VRA Letter: Hurricane Beryl.

Good Tuesday morning. 2 million are still without power in the Houston area and we’re in that group. This was a low-wind hurricane but not only is power out most everywhere but cell service with it. I’m writing this from our local HEB (grocery store). They are telling us we “may” be back up tomorrow. […]

July 03, 2024
VRA Letter: 22 ATH’s in Nasdaq, 32 ATH’s in S&P 500; a Contrarians Delight. Housing Signaling Fed Rate Cuts (NAIL). Tesla, Xtract One, Rich Ross.

Good Wednesday morning. US markets will close today at 1PM EST and all day tomorrow for the July 4th holiday. We may or may not have a letter on Friday as we’ll be on the road, but with the all-important June employment report set for 8:30 EST that morning, we may get something brief out. […]

July 02, 2024
VRA Letter: VRA 10-Bagger News; Tesla, Xtract One. Making Sense of Psychological Operations When It Comes to Investing and Living in a Complex World

Good Tuesday morning. Before I get to my morning commentary…todays being “if the State/Media are backing an official story, rarely believe it”…some portfolio news. Yesterday, VRA 10-bagger Tesla surged 6% to $209, breaking out above its 200 dma and continuing to flash strong buy signals from the VRA Investing System. From my “pound the table" call […]