VRA Update: Brexit Polls..FED Insanity…and Terrorism…Are Changing Everything

VRA Update: Brexit Polls..FED Insanity…and Terrorism…Are Changing Everything

by Kip Herriage

Following my “Fix is In” VRA Update from last month, along with my consistent theme over the last…however many years…that “the establishment wins…big government wins”, recent events might just be forcing me to change my stance.
Two major events may be in the process of changing everything.

The first is the upcoming vote on Brexit, which takes place in just 7 days. Should Britain vote to leave the 28 member European Union, then my theory of “big government wins” will be blown completely out of the water. As our oldest son, Tyler, said yesterday morning, “dad, if Brexit actually passes, it pretty much destroys your argument…maybe the people are actually capable of rising up.”

Son, do I ever hope you are right. The message sent to the rest of the world…to the rest of the worlds people…would be incredibly empowering. I believe it would be nothing short of revolutionary.

How ironic would it be that Great Britain…the global superpower that our founding fathers and 13 colonies defeated…might then be the first to act, in taking back power from today’s megalomaniacal global rulers, along with the corporations and military madmen they answer to?

But I remain skeptical…in fact, I remain very skeptical of Brexit actually passing. The powerful simply have too much to lose. And, while the recent polls all seem to favor Brexit, the bookies of England have been far more accurate in figuring odds over the years. Where do the bookies place the odds of a Brexit today? At 2-1…”against” Brexit.

The other major event that could be changing everything…this time, in the US? Terrorism, of course.

The moment after I heard about the Orlando attack, my next thought was “Trump’s chances of winning just went up, big time”. Granted, if “foot in mouth disease” was real, Mr. Trump would be on a steady course of antibiotics. Still, when watching the left and their political correctness around the most important issue of modern times, that being “We Are At War…Right Here in the US..and Our Enemy Wants Each of Us Dead”, HRC and BHO look as if they are living on another planet. Out of touch…beyond tone deaf…essentially, anti-American. I know no other way to state my thoughts, following their weak, weak, weak statements of yesterday.

Bottom line: Should Brexit win….should Trump win…our big government, establishment overlords will be running for cover. In fact, many will be rightly worried about convictions for treason (with 9/11 Truth at the very top of my personal agenda).

VRA Market Update

Overseas markets are weak once again, with every country in Europe down more than 1%. Things aren’t much better in Asia.

Remember all of my updates about the US market, and its inability to hit fresh highs of late? Each failed move higher is another shot to the midsection…yes, this market could very quickly get pounded once again. Think back to January…15% losses in less than 3-4 weeks…this is what could be directly in front of us.

The VRA System still has the market at overbought…but still, we remain above the most important technical levels. So…we will wait before taking action on the downside.

But gold and the miners? I continue to believe they are ready to break out…in a very major way.

Until next time, thanks again for reading…Stay Frosty