VRA Alert: My “Stock of the Century” Just Soared 285% in 30 Days.

VRA Alert: My “Stock of the Century” Just Soared 285% in 30 Days.

by Kip Herriage

I predicted that 2017 would be my best year ever. Looks like another of my predictions is coming true. But here’s what makes it that much sweeter…I so love destroying Wall Street’s shell game!

My “Stock of the Century”, following a most important news release, has just rocketed 285% higher…in just the last 30 days…but the move higher is only beginning.

I just received the following from Robert K. (New Jersey):

“Kip, you said this was going to happen. Now, it’s happening! Because of your recommendations, my portfolio just grew from $12,000 to $46,000 and it only took ONE month. Amazing. Thank you!!”

You’re most welcome Robert. My VRA System continues to demolish the Wall Street frauds, but my real expertise lies in picking huge winners.

Here are my top stock picks, all-time:

Ivanhoe Mines: I recommended Ivanhoe at less than $2/share and then took profits at $23/share, in less than 14 months. A $5000 investment turned into more than $65,000.

JB Oxford (one of the original online brokers): I recommended JB Oxford at .75/share and took profits at $22/share, in less than 1 year. A $5000 investment turned into $146,000.

And my all-time #1 recommendation, Ultra Petroleum; I recommended Ultra at .15/share and within 8 years a $5000 investment was worth more than $6 million!

My “stock of the century” may have just had a monster month…but now that the news is getting out, this is when the real fun starts…this company is on its way into the financial mainstream and I fully expect it to become one of my BEST all-time buy recommendations. When my stocks take off…they really take off.

Here’s an email I received three weeks ago from a VRA Subscriber:

“Kip, after losing money in the market with my broker year after year, I have finally found the one guy that not only makes us incredible money but that actually seems to care about OUR success. 500% gains in 2 months. WOW. I read your early morning updates right when you send them out and they are by far my favorite emails of the day. My wife and I sincerely THANK YOU!” TK and MK, Miami, FL.

Many of you have followed my work for years…some for decades…now is the time to make sure you are a Member of our community. My VRA Trading & Investing System is unlike anything you’ve seen before. I know, because I created it…no one else has it…it is my propriety work.

* Each morning I email you before the US markets open. I tell you exactly what to own, exactly what price to pay and then exactly when to sell and take profits.

* Your VRA Membership also comes with my two VRA Special Reports (“Making a Fortune in Precious Metals and Mining Stocks” and “Kip’s Stock of the Century”). My Stock of the Century may well more potential than any stock I have ever discovered.  Just this past month it has soared 285%, but that’s nothing compared to what it’s about to do.

*  Your VRA Membership also comes with your private Members Site, my VRA Core Portfolio and every VRA Update that I have issued going back to 2005.

It’s my sincere hope that you’ll act on this invitation. For the next 72 hours you can join us for either 6 months or a full year, with a discount of up to 75%.

Just click on the link below. Choose either a 6-month or 1 year membership…at a savings of up to 75%!


I look forward to welcoming you to our VRA Community. 


Kip Herriage

VRA Founder/Publisher (2003)