by Kip Herriage

There’s an old saying that you’ve no doubt heard before; “if it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck…then…it’s a duck.”
After mentioning this distinct possibility here in the VRA more than a few times, its time for me to call this particular duck out…folks, the FIX IS IN.

We’ve all known for, well, most of our adult lives, that politicians will do just about anything to get elected. Then, once elected, we know that they will do just about anything to get what they, and their puppeteers, want.

Lets’ cover a few recent instances where this fact has been made abundantly clear to us:

1) Slick Willy…Bill Clinton. What kind of man…much less the leader of the free world…has an affair with a 20 year old intern in the Oval office? As we’ve since learned, Monica was just one of his dalliances. But the power of the Presidency is immense…and since leaving the White House, Clinton has gone on to make more than $100 million and raise billions for the foundation that he and his wife control. Of course, he was also Wall Streets biggest friend, as evidenced by his legislation that killed Glass-Steagall…the singular law in place from the Great Depression that had separated banks and Wall Street, and that the removal of, led directly to the financial crisis of 2008. No one should be surprised to learn that 90% of the Clinton’s new-found wealth has come directly from…you guessed it…the banking and investment industry. Only in America, is right.

2) George W Bush and 9/11. I won’t even get into “9/11 Truth” in this particular update…as difficult as this may be for me…but let’s only examine the Iraq War from this time frame. No, there were NO “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMD’s) in Iraq. And NO, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11/01.

As a country, we’ve lost more than 6000 of our finest young men and women…not to mention the many tens of thousands that were gravely wounded, both physically and mentally, nor the $1 trillion plus in treasure that’s been spent on the Iraq war (plus the several hundred thousand innocent Iraqi’s…women and children…that were killed. And we wonder why they hate us).

But this is not what mattered to Bush and his war loving cronies…what mattered most was “profit and power”. Shadow government hawks wanted a dominate presence in the Middle East, and of course, everyone wanted the oil. And we’ve always know what the Military Industrial Complex wants…WAR…how else can defense co’s continue to bank hundreds of billions in profits each and every year?

We’re coming up on 15 years since 9/11, but as was already made clear during this Presidential election, if your last name is “Bush”, you’re still highly radioactive…you are plutonium…and we can only hope that this entire family will shrivel up and disappear from public life, forever.

3) Barrack Obama, or BHO as we refer to him in these pages.

As we’ve seen with Obamacare (if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor), BHO is not to be trusted. Like Slick and W before him, this man will say anything to get what he, and his power brokers, want. From the lies told to pass our new healthcare monstrosity, to his “executive order” presidency, which allows him to govern as if a king, it’s been proven to the American people once again that in today’s world, seemingly only lying megalomaniacs can “win” this job.


Again, I’ve already gone “there” several times over the last 2-3 months…but in all honesty, that was just passing conjecture on my part…now it’s time for me to do the full Monty and to call a spade a spade. This bizarre stock market rally has been nothing short of…well…bizarre. It’s been called the “most hated bull market” ever, and few investment pro’s that I know would disagree with this.

We know the obvious, now. Zero percent interest rates have allowed the wealthiest of the wealthy to buy trillions back in common stock…then use incredibly cheap and borrowed money to launch record levels of mergers and acquisitions. Without question, these two events alone have fueled most of this 7 year bull market.

But folks, something else is happening in the markets now…and while its only being whispered in quite halls today, yours truly didn’t pick up the moniker of “Equal Opportunity Offender” for nothing.

I am now, without a doubt, convinced that the FIX IS IN. The game plan is clear;

ONE: By any means necessary, protect BHO’s legacy and get Hillary elected.

TWO: Then, the transformation to “all knowing, all powerful big government” can be completed. Through extension, and to what will amount to BHO’s third term in office, our loss of individual rights, freedoms, privacy and independence, will be set in stone. This is the “long con”…it has forever been the BIG PIC game plan for one world government believers, and getting HRC elected will help to compete the process. We see the same events playing out in Europe, through the creation of the European Union, and for their plan to really come together, the US must continue to play their part as well. And no, there will be no Brexit.

As an aside, and for those that have a hard time “going there”…think back to the decision made by Supreme Court CHIEF Justice John Roberts on Obamacare. This supposedly “conservative judge” was THE swing vote on the issue of the individual mandate (as an illegal taxation scheme). Conservative legal scholars, overwhelmingly, predicted that this legal challenge would result in be the death of Obamacare. We know what happened next. Roberts voted in favor of the Obama administration…and FOR Obamacare…meaning that once again, BIG GOVERNMENT wins. And there’s one more tidbit here…Roberts was appointed to the Supreme Court by…yep…”W”. Surprise, surprise.


Think back to the presidential race between Bill Clinton and “daddy” Bush. Clinton and his team ran on one primary issue…and they reminded voters of this most important issue, time and again; “It’s the Economy, Stupid”. Slick and team knew what everyone knows today…elections are mostly won on a single issue; “is my life better now than it was 4 years ago”? Bush was hammered on this most important economic issue throughout the election, and of course, it didn’t help that the US had entered into a recession during the election year.  Of course, Clinton won handily.

Obama and Clinton…plus their big government handlers…have a multi-tiered game plan to get HRC elected. Much of it involves the US economy and stock market, but in my view, we will soon see clear evidence that their “successes” won’t stop there.

Led in part by the most politically controlled and connected Federal Reserve in all of history, the US economy will see “remarkable improvement” and the stock market will continue to rise…quite likely, by leaps and bounds. The move higher, or so we will be told, will come on the backs of surprisingly good economic news (similar to what we saw with housing starts this week…numbers that were so much greater from expectations that even the biggest bulls were taken aback).

Importantly, I am not claiming that this good news will be 100% fabricated. But folks, if you’ve seen how the Obama administration “massages” our economic numbers on just two fronts…unemployment and inflation…not much of what I am saying here should surprise you. Does anyone reading this believe that our actual unemployment rate is 5%? Does anyone reading this believe that our actual inflation figures are in the 2% range? Frankly, similar to “you can keep your insurance”, we should actually be surprised to learn that these figures are even remotely close to reality.

Remember, they will SAY anything to get elected…they will DO anything to get elected.

And then this past Thursday, we learned that BHO’s good buddy…dear ole grandaddy Warren Buffet (through his massive investment in mortgage banking leader, Wells Fargo) is once again offering “fog the mirror” home loans with just 3% down. Why is this important to the election of HRC? It’s a huge dog whistle to banks and lenders all over the country. A big ole “wink-wink, nod-nod” that says, “if Buffett is doing it, its safe for all of us to do it”. So what if it leads to the next housing crash and global financial crisis…we’re covered…cause BHO’s close pal is leading the way.

A rapidly rising housing market…a rapidly rising stock market…and fantastic, 5% unemployment figures. It all adds up to one thing; “It’s the economy, stupid”….and electing Clinton(s) will keep the economic train moving along, just fine.

The flip side? Electing Trump will mean massive economic risks! We’ve already begun to hear the fear mongering of the “financial destruction” that a Trump presidency would usher in.

Again, if I am right, American voters will be bombarded with this almost singular message over the next 5 months; a vote for Trump means a vote AGAINST the US economy.

We Beat ISIS!

In addition to the remarkable economic recovery that’s in store for the US in the weeks and months to come, we should also expect that the battle (we can’t say war) against ISIS will have a stunning turn in favor of the West. Hey, no one here is rooting for the bad guys…no doubt, we all want to see the US and our allies pound ISIS into non-existence.

But following my beliefs, laid out clearly in this update, no one should be surprised to see major military success after major military success…as we head into November.

Whatever It Takes –  On Steroids

You get my drift. “Whatever it takes” to get HRC elected is the predominant theme that we should expect to see carried out, between now and Tuesday, November 8th.

And know this; nothing that I have written here is meant to be a vote for Donald Trump…just forecasting the future as I see it playing out. In fact, history tells us that US stock markets do markedly better under Democratic presidents than they do under Republican presidents…for what that’s worth.

So…based on my beliefs and predictions, how should we invest…over these next 5 months?

We know that this market is hated by the vast majority of investment pro’s. We know the so-called “smart money” has been out of this market (and still heavily short) since January’s 15% collapse. And, we know that the percentage of investors invested in stocks is at a 19 year low.

As a contrarian, you likely already know where I am headed next.

With each major index now above its 200 day moving average…even as unhealthy and volume-less as the rally continues to play out…I would be violating my own VRA Trading & Investing System by being short this market.

I’ll have much more to share on this topic going forward, along with the specific investments that we will make to profit from the forecasts and predictions that I have laid out in this update.

Final thought; absolutely, this market could crash at any time…nothing has changed from the “black swans waiting to happen”. But if I’ve learned anything over my 31 years of doing this, it’s this; going against my instincts and going against the VRA System is a recipe for failure.

My job is to help you make money….to bash Mr. Markets head in…and to be completely transparent with you about my beliefs and my instincts in the process.

This is what I have done in this VRA Alert/Update. Now, it’s time to prepare for the future. The Fix Is In…I am certain of it.

Until next time, thanks again for reading…


PS; following our good friend Wayne Root’s sterling job on on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time” Friday night, I will be Wayne’s special guest next Thursday on his Las Vegas radio show…790TalkNow…which is not only about to be syndicated nationally, but has also been moved to “prime time, drive time” status (4-6 PM PST)…replacing the highly popular Mark Levin. And yes, I will lay out my “Fix is In” predictions for all to hear, on Thursdays broadcast.